Advantage of using hotel channel manager

A channel manager is used to reduce the risk of overbookings by virtue of the automatic process is a major credit of successful disposal. The main advantage of the channel manager is pooled inventory. A hotel Without a channel manager need to scatted their inventory between all booking channels and it used to avoid double bookings.Instead of this using channel manager will support pooled inventory and the offers are distributed in the same time.This will helps to improve our online reputation and sales potential. Below strategies are used to improve your hotel revenue

1)Use dynamic prices

2)Rates and availability management

3)Integrate with PMS and booking engine

Use dynamic prices

The trench has adjusted prices automatically based on the availability of .You can increase the business revenue based on demand.

Rates and availability management 

To get the best reputation to allow the guest to book at least one year in advance It will improve your ranking in OTAs. A channel manager automatically merges your availabilities in every OTAs.

Integrate with PMS and booking engine

Sometimes need to maintain manually if the channel manager is not fully integrated.PMS and booking engine will create extra work while it not integrated. But, trench offers a powerful channel manager software which integrates both PMS and various booking engine.

Get your hotel channel manager software with requirements satisfaction from a trench. A Trench is one of the leading hotel channel manager development company. Our Software Features offers that have made our hotel booking software a big hit with more clients.We have more than 69 + unique features and have two-way integration functionality.




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