Comfort online distribution management for properties such as hotels, b2b market to provide a solution to manage availability, special offers, pricing, minimum stay and more.

A channel manager has placed an important role in ecosystem, giving hotel owners control over how the pricing and availability of their properties presented to the consumer.

Let me give you an overview about the Channel Manager platform for Start-Ups:

If you are going to start a business you have to know the entire process. In this post you can find how this channel manager growing very fast among the startups.

Channel Manager – Channel Manager allows properties to manage in different distributed channels. They allow properties give out up to date rates as inventory management model.

Hotel Channel management system to controls all major booking websites where hotel owners have accounts as well as their own website using XML API.

Hotel owners will register in your system and enter their details to wait for approval. Your system will contact hotel owners and create their account. Then the owner can access your system to adjust rate, room details and this changes will be updated automatically into their registered online booking websites as well their own website.

At the same time the changes or modifications implemented in other third party system will be automatically updated into the hotel channel manager and their own websites.

Hotel Channel Manager Revenue Model:

Channel manager has several functions and its varies according to the channels connected to the platform. Model is pay-as-you-go, the customer makes payments.

You can make money by giving offer services for your customers for integrating the channels in your platform. You can give way as the hourly basics and fixed basics.

Makes your own business grow well as a plant and target the audience globally and conversion ratio in the distribution system of channels are also a main and different task handling in this system.

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