Gone are the days when hotels could manage backlog and rates manually on multiplex channels. OTAs, which comprise such channels as Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia, Orbitz, and now TripAdvisor, request too many time and efficiency to operate manually anymore. This has brought almost increased use of channel management software.

Hotel Channel management system to control records in all major booking websites where hotel owners have an account as well as their own website using XML API.

The ideal situation is when your channel management set up works as an multicultural part of your property management system. An integrated channel management program need approve you to one of two offer live inventory or planned able to close out any or all of your OTA channels.

Hotel owners will register in your system and enter their details to wait for approval. Your system will contact hotel owners and create their account. Then the owner can access your system and connect their channels like Expedia, Booking.com etc., to adjust rate, room details and this changes will be updated automatically into their registered online booking websites as well their own website.

At the same time the changes or modifications implemented in other third party system will be automatically updated into the hotel channel manager and their own websites. The main objective is to restrict manual tasks so that it will be a cost and time saving approach.

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