Trench - Channel Manager specialized in making Online Hotel Sales & Revenue,Specialist for the hotel hospitality industry, And We are the top market leader in selling your rooms and availabilities on OTAs.

Our Hotel channel management system deals with the emerging technology,there are now plenty of channels are arriving for the hotel industry to publicize their property on.Dealing with so many channels, it becomes so hard to keep a track of every channels.

For this problem,Hotel Channel Management System becomes so familiar that help to track the inventory details from the centralized system.

How Single Platform Manage Your Hotel Properties

Cloud based system is helpful for hotel business holders to keep track the room availabilities in real-time.Cloud Based Technology helps the hotel stay connected with the web where the channels are placed.

If any bookings or quiries are made by third party user,that will be automatically replicated on your hotel management system.

If any duplication made on same bookings,rate parity system will automatically eliminate that duplication bookings.

Hotel Channel Manager is highly recommended by hoteliers for an reliable communication with the online as well as the OTA channels that are connected in online.

Connection with a property management system

Hotel channel manager is perfect to be integrated with the property management system that entirely communicates with each other to spread out detailed information in real time.

When any change is made in the front end,it will instantly replicate across all channels.Cloud System helps the staff to give a precised information as it willbe automatically saved on cloud storage.

If there is any reservation made by user,the room will automatically be closed for other guests,if any cancellation means ,it will be opened for other guests.

Channel Manager Cloud Software helps you make lot of the bookings, thus make sure that the guests have the easy way to book the room with their own choice attheir convenience.

Channel Manager gives a 2-way Xml connection that helps hoteliers automatic updating and provides ease of accessibility,minimizes the time effort and saves your money.

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