Reasons why you should invest in hotel channel manager

Why we use channel manager?

In the hospitality world, everything is changed to instant. Here I split into two parts first, before channel manager how this process happened and second, the reason for using channel manager. In the earlier stage, there was no OTAs and the bookings are done over the telephones, agents and also by walk-in customers. In 1996, Microsoft launched the first internet property which is Expedia in the USA. It was the First OTA allows customers to book their hotels online. To get more direct booking hoteliers are using multiple OTAs.Hoteliers feel difficult to manage price in the manual update and monitor all the OTAs.For this reason, they need to maintain their online presence on the OTAs.

The IT industry comes with the solution which is "channel manager".The hotel business is a seasonal one so, the hoteliers need to change the price dynamically for their business. To resolve this, the channel manager helps to update the rates in "price calender" dynamically to all the OTAs.

Channel managers are provided with a managerial report which leads to making smart decisions. Channel managers are also taking responsibility for small hotels.

A smart channel manager has a two-way integration that transfers the booking details to OTAs and automatically updated in the software. This gives the better opportunity to sell their rooms as soon as possible and save your we go with the reasons to invest in the hotel channel manager.


1) Add a new channel for your hotel

Channel manager act as a bridge between your property and booking channels and it connected with hundreds of booking channel. Hoteliers don't want to depend on limited sources because of the multi-channel booking method. Advantage of using multi-channel booking strategy such as

  1. Reach global level
  2. Increase Brand name circulation
  3. Higher ROI

2) Automatic calender updation 

Imagine that you are connected in the various channel it is hard to update the inventory or maintain something .we may suffer from double booking or delayed updates. There is a chance to leave an unpredicatable mistakes. the channel manager is here to through away the human option.It automatically updates calendar even for an entire year.It always connects with OTAs changes are updated immediately via channel manager software.

3) Reduce overbooking

sometimes you may receive full booking but booking channels without channel manager can get confused about updates. Some human error might cost hotel loss of reputation which may cause to reduce the customer's trust. Channel manager helps to avoid this situation. It will avoid overbooking and under bookings.

4)Rate Parity maintenance

It is to hard to manage your rates for customers. If you plan to give a discount for your guest might cause disparity. But, channel manager automatically maintains efficient rates are unanimously updated in all booking platform in real-time, no errors occur in updation. It will improve your online reputation to the guests.


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