Channel management systems are very important for a hotel.Their main functionality is to ensure that all the sales channels in a hotel stay informed on any changes taking effect, rate modifications and restrictions. The systems ensure that travel agents stay connected with the hotel hence only truthful information regarding the hotel ends up being passed to potential guests. The systems are easily developed by web designers to ensure that your hotel gets a complete website with every need of the hotel, guests and the sales channels. They form a coordinated flow that's beneficial in several ways.

Hotel distribution continues to be one of the more complex ecosystems within travel. Much of that complexity can be associated to the industry’s fragmented ownership and management structure which, among other things, has resulted in a lack of essential investment in technology and innovation.

In a related trend, allocating resource across channel and setting prices across channel  is getting more complex. In the past year, there has been a growing volume of direct frame of reference through new instant booking tools on meta search channels, such as Google,Trip-advisor, and  Trivago.

To avoid this complexity one of the tools that hotels may need is a channel manager, which mesh into their PMS (property management system) to set real-time rates and availability. Hotel channel manager system is important to track of the stock. Channel manager helps in checking the current status of open rooms and the booking process is much easier.

Integration with a property management system

The channel manager is good to be blend with the property management system that seamlessly communicates with each other to broadcast Trip-advisor accurate information in real time. When any change is made at the front desk, it will instantly reflect across all channels.

Channel manager software helps you make most of the bookings, thus ensuring that the guests have the best opportunity to book the room of their option and at their convenience. Investing in a cloud based channel manager is invaluable.

There is no instillation or IT support required and the front desk operations are streamlined. Hotel channel management comes with a 2-way interface which allows automatic updating and provides ease of accessibility.

Thus Trench provides a multi channel manger system to make your  task easier. Trench fills the needs of small and medium sized hotels and similar kind of businesses such as motels, resorts etc. No matter what kind of accommodation you run, our hotel booking software is easy to get start & use for your business.


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