It’s a great question which is useful for hoteliers who are aiming to take their hotel business to the next level of success.

The use of the hotel channel manager is drastically increased over the past few years.

For hoteliers, it is important to know exactly what hotel channel manager is and also to identify the best way to implement to their hotel business. 

When you do it right, channel management can increase your hotel bookings and help you to increase revenues.

What is a hotel channel manager?

Hotel Channel Manager is the single gateway which allows you to manage your hotel online booking across different distribution channels in order to sell hotel inventory to various agent across the world.

Channel management allows you to partner with large OTAs like Expedia, Agoda, Hostelworld, TripAdvisor, etc…

By partnering with a wide range of agents the ability to sell your rooms will get automatically increase, you will be able to sell all of your available inventory at any given moment. This is the most reliable way to increase your revenue over time.

Benefits of Hotel Channel Manager:

Hotel Channel Manager allows you to connect with markets that can be challenging to reach.

Manage Multiple Channels in a Single Gateway:

Hotel Channel Manager has a direct two-way connection with all major booking channels including TripAdvisor, Agoda, Expedia, etc.. This Software assists you to manage all these distribution channels from a single gateway.

Free from burdens on overbooking, reservations, cancellation, etc.

Partnering with a diverse range of agents:

Different agents work with different types of travelers. By using a channel manager, you can partner with a wide variety of agents and begin introducing your hotel to travellers from every corner of the world.

Still, there is a lot of benefits of hotel channel manager to know more.

What to look at a Hotel Channel Manager:

You don’t want to invest in just any hotel channel manager. You need one suited to your business needs.

Make sure you consider these three often overlooked items:

Number of channels: The more OTAs your channel manager connects you to, the more markets you can attain. 

Support and training: Invest in a channel manager that will have a support team available in order to help you navigate the system and connect with the maximum amount of agents.

Solid reporting & tracking: A good channel manager will allow you to easily track and measure which online sales channels are working and to know the available rooms and statistics.

If you are currently on the hunt for the perfect channel manager for your hotel business, TRENCH software must be the ideal choice.

TRENCH - Fast & Reliable Hotel Channel Manager at a low budget, which fills the needs of hotels of all sizes and similar kinds of businesses such as motels, resorts, etc. Trench offers a competitively priced channel manager for multiple hotels business in a single software. Our Software features made our hotel booking software a big hit with more clients.

TRENCH has a direct two-way connection with the all major booking channels including Expedia, Agoda, Hostelworld, TripAdvisor and 30+ travel & hotel booking portals. The software can be connected to all the largest online booking channels. 

Contact our team and Get a free online demo presentation in order to explore the powerful features of the Trench Hotel Channel Management Software.

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