Online is the key-door for these technologies and produced a wide impact on various industries like mechanical, aero, software, hospitality, tourism, etc. The technology advancement in hotel industry is massive and more fascinating one. In those days people need to visit hotel directly and booked room of their need, at present a single phone is enough to book a room in a hotel.

Technology in Hotel Industry tends to change in a rapid pace, Hotel Management Software (HMS) remains essential for Hoteliers to streamline the administrative processes and to manage hotel booking across various hotel booking channels. Before getting into know about benefits you need to know what exactly the hotel channel management software is, and why the hotels uses the hotel software.


What is Hotel software?

Hotel Management Software is an integrated software which allows hoteliers to manage hotel booking across various online hotel booking channels. Hotel channel management is the process of managing online distribution channels in order to sell your hotel inventory to various agents across the globe. Hotel management systems are used by big hotel chains, small hotels, resorts etc..

Using these hotel software, hoteliers can see the booking status of rooms and control the reservations. The Good customized support boost the business reviews. Review speaks how worth you are, get extensive amount of hotel reviews that’s to get qualified traffic and huge revenue to your site, all this from a single window. It simplifies the hotel operations to boost the hotel revenues.

The hotel software reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and increase the online presence. This is a big advantage for the hoteliers to promote their hotels.


Features of hotel software:

 A hotel management software can have a lot of features for hoteliers. Its speed up the process. Hotel systems are designed to efficiently making the processes fast. The fast transactions makes more money, customer experience and convenient for hotel users. A good hotel management software must have these features :

  • Alert on new bookings
  • Automatic updation on channels
  • Manual bookings
  • Easy to manage rooms,rates and availability
  • Manage bookings for multiple channels
  • Pooled inventory management


Alerts on new bookings:

There are lot of choices for a person to start booking online. The online booking is the right chance to enhance your growth and expand your business. An online hotel booking software allows the hotels to make more profits. The hotel booking software has made the process easier and smooth.

 And also the channel manager handles all the bookings. If the new bookings are arrived in the software, the hotel channel manager alerts you. By keeping informed about the new bookings, you can easily monitor the rooms availabilities and rates. The channel manager updates the latest inventory across all the connected channels.


Automatic updation on channels:

The channel management software has automatic real-time updations with the booking records and to avoid the overbookings. The booking confirmations and the notifications are delivered via email, SMS. The channel manager helps hotel staffs, hotel admins to fix the rooms prices and the system updates in all OTAs within a few seconds. This updation will happen in all hotel booking channels by a single click mechanism.


Manual bookings:

 The Channel Manager allows to add manual reservations that are received by offline via Mail, Phone, etc.


Manage bookings for multiple channels: 

Hotel Management Software allows you to manage and control hotel room booking across various booking channels or OTAs. They instantly updates the latest inventory across all connected channels.


Easy to manage rooms, rates, and availability:

 Two-way XML Connectivity to manage the rates, rooms and availability on the channel manager screen.


Pooled inventory management:

 A channel manager support a pooled inventory across the channels can reduce this pressure as well as increase hotel productivity from all channels by maintaining available parity. The pooled inventory is updated automatically across all of booking channels, so that guests have accurate information no matter where they are booking from. This helps you free from overbooking of rooms.

Trench is one of the most trusted hotel channel manager software provider and also trusted by thousands of clients worldwide. Our hotel booking software is connected to all the largest online booking channels. Software Features offers that have made our Hotel management software a big hit with clients. Trench software fills the needs of the small and medium-sized hotels and similar kind of businesses like motels, resorts, etc. This software can surely get a enormous traffic & support without manual work. You can visit Trench software to find out more about the hotel management software.


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